Sean, Jeff and Tracy,

It has been a whole year since we moved into our beautiful home, and looking back we would like to let you all know how much we appreciate all you have done for us!

For many people, the idea of building a home from scratch brings up thoughts of anxiety. We have heard many people tell of their experiences as a nightmare with many, many things going wrong. We would like you to know that if we could, we would do it all over again with you guys in a heartbeat! You guys made it such a fun, stress-free experience that we actually find ourselves missing that part of it, and we especially miss seeing you and talking with you about it all!

You may not realize, but our initial thoughts were not to move at all, but to renovate our current home at the time. We were looking at the Parade of Homes for ideas! We happened to come across your showhome on Brookstone where we met Tracy! She was so welcoming and kind to us right from the start. We felt like she got to understand our family and our family’s needs and had lots of excellent advice and knowledge for us along the way! Tracy always went out of her way to accommodate our wanting to see the showhome ‘just one more time’ so we could get a real feel for how our family and our things could work in that home. Your beautiful home ticked off all of our ‘boxes’. It really is a dream home for us!

Soon after we met Sean. Our encounters were ALWAYS filled with lots of laughter, while being completely serious about building our home. Sean is so full of knowledge from the building of the home to the finances and expenses, and welcomed and even encouraged our many, many questions along the way! We are so grateful for your patience and how you made our experience so enjoyable!

We had heard so many great things about Jeff, and soon got to know why! Jeff was always there for us at the drop of a hat – whether by phone, text or in person – almost every single day during this process! We really appreciated that you were so accessible to us. We can’t tell you how confident it made us feel knowing that you were so involved in the building of our home every step of the way. We really didn’t have anything major go wrong, and if there were any “oops” along the way, Jeff would catch it and make it right before we even knew about it!

Some very important things that we really appreciate and that make Hallmark such an outstanding builder are your attention to detail, your quality craftsmanship (which is so superior to our first home build), and your unique custom homes that have that “wow” factor when you walk in the door, not to mention that Hallmark must have the cleanest worksite that we have ever seen!

Now that we have been in our home for a year, Hallmark’s after service continues to be wonderful! We appreciate that we still feel like we can ask you anything, and that you are still there to help us in any way you can! What other builder does that?! We have come to think of you all as our friends for life! We talk so highly of you to all of our friends, and believe there are no other builders out there that can compare! Hallmark is truly a one of a kind builder!!

- The Feaseys

Building our new house with Hallmark Homes has been a tremendously rewarding experience. The professional services they have provided from early in the initial planning to long after we’ve moved in have helped make our journey as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Throughout, Sean and all the members of the team have made sure we’ve been treated with the utmost respect and understanding. They have given their attention to all of the designs and details we’d been planning and dreaming for our future house. The effort they place into each project is no surprise given that Hallmark is a family run, and family owned business. We could tell from the beginning that every member took pride in being more than just a salesman, but a dedicated professional and an owner of the company. Every time we’ve changed ideas, and through all of the various planning iterations, they have been patient, and have guided us through with helpful advice. When we look back, it’s clear that their services and ideas have enhanced and improved the vision we first had in mind.

Even after moving in, when many other builders could easily stop caring and leave, the team at Hallmark has continued to be by our side, helping us whenever we’ve needed clarifications or advice, or have wanted to change design elements. For us, the house was only the beginning of our relationship with the team. We’ve been lucky to have a true custom-builder in Hallmark, one that takes our vision and makes it a reality, without compromise, and with all the expertise of a team of professionals.

我们非常有幸让Hallmark Homes建设我们的新居,从最开始的图纸设计到我们搬进新居以及他们的专业售后服务,都让我们感到轻松愉快非常享受。

- Guojian & Xiaojie Huang

Hey Sean,

The question is:
Where were you on this date 5 years ago?

The answer is:
At 4 pm you were in my kitchen drinking Caruba & Coke and handing Kimmy and I the keys to our new home.

Yes, it has been 5 years!


- Dan & Kim

We might have to buy a second house from you guys! Not that we need a second house, but it just seems like the right thing to do in light of the service you fellows continue to provide some 4 years after our possession date. Thanks.

- Scott & Bonnie Ransom

Building a home with Hallmark Homes has been a wonderful experience. Not only did we build our dream home but we made friends along the way.

During the build, Sean always made sure to take his time to answer our questions and made sure things were done right. We only dealt with him (no real estate agents) and we always felt like his number one priority was our home. The quality and workmanship that goes into a Hallmark home cannot be compared to any other builder. They simply are in a league of their own.

From the time we met Sean to years after the build was complete, we have been nothing but impressed by his dedication, honesty and need to go above and beyond. We truly have peace of mind since building with Hallmark homes. Any issue/concern that has come up since we have moved in, Sean has encouraged us to contact him. He has provided advice, even come out to our home and offered his trades people to help. It is an incredible feeling to know we are taken care of. Just last week, they responded to a non-urgent email on a weekend – Sean and Jeff are simply fantastic!

We can’t say enough good things about Hallmark homes. We would recommend them in a heartbeat and would definitely build with them again.

- Darrell Murphy & Lisa Fernando

Dear Sean and Jeff

We wanted to write this letter to express to you our heartfelt thanks to you for building our dream home and making the experience so wonderful. It was a very large undertaking for us, but you guys expertly helped us through the process from beginning to end. We hope the text below is suitable to add to your webpage.

It was a Saturday afternoon when we saw an available lot in Royalwood with a Hallmark Homes sign. We were fairly new to Winnipeg and although we had heard of some of the bigger builders, we had no idea who Hallmark Homes was. We took a chance and decided to call the number on the sign. To our surprise, Sean answered the phone and immediately agreed to meet with us the next week. From that first meeting we could tell that Sean was open, honest and direct about the whole process of building a custom home.

Starting with the design phase, we knew we were in great hands. We had a few specific ideas about what we wanted in our dream home, but no vision of the floor plan or the structural elements that would be required. Sean was there to help draft the plan and his years of experience constantly gave us ideas to optimize our space. Just as importantly, Sean always provided feedback about the house plan to help us ensure it would come within our budget.

During the foundation and framing stage, we watched the house take shape. It was at this point we saw how often Sean or Jeff were at the house making sure everything was going smoothly. We were amazed at the level of attention they paid to each detail. At this stage we also noticed that the site was always free of debris and clutter. We later figured out that this was so that nothing gets hidden or missed and everything is done to their high standards.

As the house gradually took shape, Sean and Jeff continued to oversee every detail, from framing to drywall and finishing work. Sometimes an unexpected issue would arise: whenever this happened Sean and Jeff never told us “don’t worry about it”. Instead they always carefully explained what was happening. If anything did not look as we had envisioned, we were actually encouraged to discuss it with them so they could make it what we wanted. Sean and Jeff never ever tried to hide anything, and I think the honesty and pride in their work shown by Hallmark Homes is rare.

Another thing that really impressed us was the quality of the tradespeople who worked on our house. We sincerely believe these folks were the best in the business, both in terms of skill and knowledge. But what really amazed us was the number of individual tradespeople who congratulated us on choosing Hallmark Homes: it says so much about a builder when individual tradespeople consistently praise the quality of a specific builder’s homes!

The personal care provided by Sean and Jeff even continued after we took possession of the house: small details like meeting with a tradesperson to fix a cabinet hinge mean so much.

Building with Hallmark Homes was a wonderful experience. We were so comfortable talking to Sean and Jeff, and they involved us in EVERY step of the process. Not only did we get our dream home built, but we made two great new friends along the way.

- Dr. Lisa Miller & Dr. Mark Fry

Right from the planning stages, through construction, and now well into the occupancy of our house, the level of service we have received from you folks at Hallmark has been outstanding.

- Bonnie & Scott Ransom

Building our home with Hallmark was an exciting and pleasurable experience. The personal, hands-on treatment we received from Sean made the whole process entirely stress-free - no small feat for such a large undertaking. Our home turned out just exactly the way we wanted and the quality and attention to detail are evident throughout. Furthermore, even years after taking possession we continue to have a great relationship with Sean, who has been readily available to offer advice, answer questions, or solved small problems we’ve had. We’d recommend Hallmark to anybody looking to custom-build their home.

- Kelly & Randy

Sean and Dennis

They say you should never do business with family or friends. With this in mind we went shopping for a builder. Following the rule was quite easy, since nobody in our family or circle of friends was a builder. This allowed us the luxury of not lying to them, which they seemed to appreciate.

Armed with my lovely and extremely detailed drawings on stock graph paper and a list of building specs that were slightly smaller the MTS Yellow Pages, we hit the show homes looking for a Custom Builder. We soon found that every Builder in Winnipeg considers themselves to be a Custom Builder.

Out come the drawings and specs and in 2 weeks to 3 months, you realize this Builder’s idea of a custom build is to give you a choice of carpet or hardwood, paint or paper and a coloured stucco from their approved list. If you are really nice and pay a premium, they could scan a mirror image of the plans and do the house in reverse.

As to the Building Specs? Yeah well, we really don’t follow the building code to the letter, because we find if you do, the house will be too expensive and people won’t buy it. We just follow the code in the places the inspector will look. You’re gonna move again in 5 years anyway, so what does it matter? Say “What?”

It was about this time, I stumbled onto Dennis and Sean Checkley’s Show Home in Royalwood. Out comes the package and Sean starts reading, Dennis keeps me chatting about the Show Home’s features. After a few minutes, I realize Sean is laughing and it is getting louder. Finally I say, “Okay. What stupid spec did I write in that is so damn funny?” Sean between laughs says, “It’s not funny. I just want to know when you got a copy of our building specs?” Of course I denied ever having seen his specs, so Sean asked Dennis to give me a copy. As I read through them, I had to ask, “Where did you guys get a copy of my building Specs?” I had finally found the right Builders.

We had our eye on a nice forested corner lot, The Boys explained the problems with building on a forested lot and asked if we had seen their lot on the lake, it’s the same price as the corner lot you like? We being very wise in the area’s layout said, “There’s a lake?” Off we went around the corner and there was this huge lake, fountain and castle like structure. We stood on the huge lot with our mouths hanging open and said, “Who likes stupid trees any way? They just throw a bunch of leaves on the ground in the fall.”

Over the next few months, real plans were drawn and tweaked. Soon construction started and Sean encouraged us to do a site inspection every day. If we saw something in question, he wanted to know that night so it could be corrected or verified the next day.

Over the months, we spent a lot of time together, inspecting, laughing and observing the interaction between Sean, Dennis and the Trades People. Whenever we did a site visit where the trades were still on site, Sean and the Trades took great pains to tease each other about something and even when they seemed really mad when together, both sides would be laughing at how they really got the other ones goat after they parted. I knew for sure we had the right builder then.

Sean treats every build as if it is his own home that was going up. He wants it to be the best possible. The Trades People appreciate that Sean and Dennis expect a quality job, and they strive to prove that they can produce the results Hallmark expects.

It says an awful lot when you can enter a business deal with 2 strangers, work together for many months and then share a drink at the end of the project with 2 friends.

Over 13 years later, we still try to visit Sean at every new Show Home, we might even walk past his house a few times, even though it is way across the lake in that newer snooty area. Dennis on the other hand, is way more accessible since he is just around the corner from us, and I think we may even have shared a glass or two of sparkling water.

Hallmark builds more than houses. Hallmark builds dreams into reality, and strangers into friends.

We can’t thank you enough, for all you’ve done and continue to do for us.

Great House. Great Friends. Your turn to buy the wine and sparkling water, we’ll supply the deck chairs and view.


- Greg & Calla Lofvendahl

P. S. Was that good enough to get our house picture on the web site now?

Our dream home has truly been a dream experience. The quality of our home reflects the quality and care of its builder. We are approaching our 3rd anniversary of purchase and it amazes us constantly how helpful and available Hallmark Homes have been to us. We have nothing but positive comments when it comes to purchasing a Hallmark.......first class home and first class service.

- Dr. & Mrs. G. Goodridge

The Hallmark Experience

It’s very difficult to briefly summarize our building experience with Hallmark because we have so many positive things to say. Deciding to custom build your home can be a very overwhelming experience especially when you are not construction savvy (or handy to say the least). And there are plenty of opportunities for builders to take advantage of this lack of knowledge by cutting corners and not drawing attention to the consequences of some of your decisions in terms of long term quality of your home.

The following represent my top 10 reasons to build with Hallmark (in my head there are actually about 50):

1. You will never have to deal with a middle man; there are no sales agents involved. Sean will help you design your home, answer all questions throughout the process, monitor the on-going construction of your home and address any concerns personally after you’ve taken possession of your home.

2. Sean will never sacrifice quality. In these times where building a home in Winnipeg is at an all-time high, someone on a budget may have to sacrifice some ‘eye candy’ (as I call it) to afford the high level of quality construction that Sean insists on providing. Trust me, it is worth it. In a few years I’ll tile the bathroom floor, but my steel beams and 9 foot ceilings in my basement are irreplaceable.

3. He’s honest. Sean will never mislead you as to what your house budget can afford in terms of house and its amenities. He will work within your budget and you will not get blind sided by a page of ‘upgrades’ that you had no idea cost more.

4. He’s accessible. Anyone who knows someone who’s built a home has heard stories about not hearing back from their builder for weeks on end. This will NEVER be the case with Hallmark.

5. They meet their deadlines. Sean puts great effort into coordinating his trades’ people to keep the building of your house running smoothly. I dare say our house was ready early!

6. His trades’ people are top notch. As I mentioned, building a Hallmark home may cost more. This is because a) he pays his staff more to enable them to perform those extra steps that add quality to your home and b) he pays them to be safe at work.

7. He’s a perfectionist. Ask Sean about the time our decorator stated a light fixture was not perfectly centered to the wall. I’ll let him finish this one.

8. A Hallmark Home has good use of space. Sean has the amazing ability to maximize your square footage to make your house even bigger than the number suggests. And the wide hallways and stairwells are a bonus.

9. He’s innovative and versatile. Sean continues to develop his skills to ensure he is keeping up with what enhances quality of construction in our environment as well as design trends for today’s families. He can build for empty nester as well as the growing family.

10. You will have a blast. Most people report their home building experience to be exciting at first, but over time becomes incredibly stressful and frustrating; most likely ending with a desire for it “to finally be over”. Our experience from beginning to end was so much fun, we were sad when the house was done, because it meant our need to interact with Sean would be over. Thankfully as previously stated we are not handy people and over the past few years some questions have come up and guess what…..Sean is still happy to answer them for us!

- Carol & Anthony Davis

It has now been nearly three months since my wife and I moved into our home and I finally have some time to sit down and write to you. I want to first of all say how delighted we both are with all the aspects of the new house. Everything has turned out just the way we envisioned and just like you said. Having been through the process of buying a new home once before with a noted tract builder we were somewhat skeptical on what was said and what was done. Our previous experience lead us to be overly careful on our decision to proceed with this project and extremely cautious at each step of the way. In retrospect our concerns will ill-founded. The quality of the workmanship that went into our new house was second to none and the manner with which we were dealt with on a regular basis was superb.

We have had several visitors in the last few months and to a person they have been speechless. Everyone has commented positively on the finishing touches and the overall layout of the house. My wife though takes full credit for the decorating. We know you have a collection of letters like ours from other extremely satisfied customers. Our intention is not to add to the list but to express our total satisfaction with our decision to build with your company. That does not mean you can't use us as references. On the contrary we would be delighted to recommend you to anyone in the market for a new home. Feel free to have any of your clients contact us if they feel they need the opinions of previous customers.

Thanks again to both of you and by the way, congratulations on winning the Parade of Homes award again.


- George & Karen Sykes

We had a great experience designing and building our home with Sean and Hallmark Homes and have been extremely pleased with the results.

- Paul & Kiran Claire

In 2001 our home construction was begun. We were told that we could expect our home to be built in four months. It was four months to the day when we moved in! Our home was solidly built, totally completed to specifications and immaculately clean. We were so proud! Both Sean and his father live in our neighborhood and are our friends as well as neighbors. If I have a question about any changes in our home, I know I have the freedom to contact Sean and that my questions will be answered quickly and always with a huge smile. We highly recommend them as your builder.

- Diane & Fred

We built a new modest bungalow with Hallmark Homes in the year 2000. Since day one, we have been very pleased with Hallmark. Our relationship with Sean and Dennis has been very easy going and quite comforting over the years. Hallmark's dedication to quality, service, and satisfaction is the best in the business. I often hear horror stories from friends and acquaintances about their newly built homes that were built by 'other' home builders, and I am always humbled about how well we were taken care of. I will always be very grateful to Hallmark Homes with respect to how well we were treated from the first time we were introduced to present day.

- Jay and Michelle Allard

We had a great experience dealing with Hallmark when we built our home. They were very willing to listen our ideas and incorporate them into the house, they made suggestions throughout the design and even into the build period. They were very careful to keep us abreast of progress and any issues with the build and were always quick to get our approval on any changes required. They met their timelines and had our house to us on the date promised. The house itself exceeded every expectation and we were extremely pleased with the whole process. Even after our home was completed we continue to have a great relationship with Sean. He was always available to provide input on improvements we made to the house or any other 'construction' type question. Hallmark was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking to build a quality home.

- Denny & Janet Chau


Just a note to express our thanks for making the home building experience more bearable. Our Hallmark home was the third home we have had built and, by comparison, it was a pleasure dealing with you. Most of all, thanks for the great “after sales service”. This is a rare thing to encounter nowadays with any purchase. If we ever decide to take the plunge again, Hallmark Homes will be our first choice.

- Cyndy and Jim Erickson
/ Cyndy Erickson of Sutton Group-Kilkenny Real Estate

P. S. As a realtor, Hallmark Homes is the first builder that I recommend to any clients

Our dealings with Sean and the Hallmark team was great. They built us a home we love. More importantly, they built a house meant to last. We didn't choose the most expensive finishes but Sean insisted on important structural details such as piles and a wooden basement floor over a crawl space. Sean guided us through every step of the way. It was great dealing directly with the builder. We had been discussing a new home with some leading builders - but we were dealing with sales staff. They were nice people but they couldn't answer our questions about cost or why it is done that way. Sean could because he is the builder. During construction, Sean called us every week or more often with updates on the construction. The house was finished two months ahead of the promise. After hearing our neighbors stories about bad experiences and delays, we thank our lucky stars that we had Hallmark. We can say building with Sean was fun - not the dreaded experience we had heard about other builders. Sean is there for us long after completion. Even now 3 years later, when we started to think about finishing the basement, we called Sean. He came over and gave us some great help with completing the project. Sean is a great guy and an honest man.

We would recommend Sean and Hallmark to you without hesitation.

- Barry MacBride and Jean Cox

We built our first home with Hallmark Homes in 1994. We would recommend Hallmark Homes to anyone looking to build their home. Sean was attentive to every detail in building our home. His after service is just as impressive as when he was building our home. With such a personal and financial investment at stake, we did it all over again with our parents home .. 10 years later!

Our parents refer to Sean as their “angel”!

Thanks for everything Sean/Hallmark!

- Karen/Terry & Family